Radiant Heaters

High quality radiant heaters ideal for a range of different installations

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Capable of firing in any plane, Model RB1 is a highly efficient radiant gas burner, suitable for a variety of processes involving heating products direct or via the containers carrying the products. It provides a more even heat distribution over a larger area than is obtained from atmospheric type ribbon or open port bar burners.

The robustly engineered stainless steel burner box incorporates a venturi where the correct proportion of air is entrained and mixed with the gas. The resulting mixture passes through the perforations of a special vacuum formed ceramic fibre plaque and is ignited on the surface. Maximum infra red heat emission is achieved by a combination of the perforated fibrous construction of the plaque and its unique multi-pyramid surface configuration

The venturi is easily removed for cleaning, an especially important feature where dirt or grease-laden atmospheres can cause deposits which build up and may, over an extended period, adversely affect combustion.

Typical Applications:

  • Cooking Foods
  • Backing Carpets
  • Embossing Plasticised sheet materials
  • Space Heating
  • Paint Curing