Indirect Blown Air Heaters

New 130 Kilowatt indirect blown clean air heater - ecological, economic and eco-friendly

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Indirect fired blown air heater, Ekocikki 130 is a powerful and efficient device with 92% thermal efficiency, blowing an output of 120kw at 8,000 m3 p/h. The Rielo burner can work with either methane or propane gas. The heat exchanger consisting of combustion chamber and smoke tubes that are made from 430 stainless steel plate preventing excess humidity in the environment, high pressure axial fan for air diffusion, recycles air from the heated environment and mixes with fresh external air, external casing made of pre-painted galvanized steel with IP44 protection which gives the heater an absolute weather-proofing.
The external cabinet can be quickly disassembled without disconnecting wires, assuring very easy accessibility and simple maintenance operation. Designed for heating poultry, livestock buildings and intensive breeding.

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Technical Specification
Heating capacity input

130,0 kW

111.800 kcal/h

Heating capacity output

120,0 kW

103.200 kcal/h

Efficiency 92,0 %
Nominal air flow

8.000 m³/h

Air temperature deviation 45,0 °K
Electrical power 1,0 kW
Electrical supply 3-phase 400V - 50Hz 3N