Jetstream Heaters

80 Kilowatt blown air heater with 100% thermal efficiency

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Direct fired air heater with 100% thermal efficiency, special atmospheric gas burner anti-dust working either with methane or propane gas, hot surface ignition and flame control by ionisation, combustion chamber aluminium steel plate preventing high temperature and oxidation, high pressure radial fan for air diffusion, external casing made of pre-painted galvanized steel with IP44 protection which gives the heater an absolute weather-proofing.
The external cabinet can be quickly disassembled without disconnecting wires, assuring very easy accessibility and simple maintenance operation. Designed for heating poultry, livestock buildings and intensive breeding also ideal for heating greenhouses and sheltered cultures.

Technical Specification
Heating capacity output

80.0 kW (273.000 Btu)

68.800 kcal/h

Air flow rate (+15 °C)

2.000 m³/h

Temperature deviation 135 °K
Air throw 30m
Monophase electric supply 230Vac 50Hz
Dimensions (mm)

L: 705

W: 495

H: 800

Weight 63kg