Multi-Brooder Control

Auto-Changeover systems for use with propane gas bottles and poultry brooders

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The Maywick Multi-Brooder Controller operates from an electrical thermostat to control house temperature by changing the gas pressure to the brooders. We currently supply 2 models - the F & FF. Both models automatically revert to the low position in the event of an electrical supply failure, but an emergency manual cock can be opened to increase the temperature if necessary. A second manually operated cock can be adjusted to reduce the maximum amount of heat in the house when conditions require it.

Technical Specification

12x E40 Brooders

24x M2000 Brooders

40x M13 Brooders

For natural gas the figures should be halved

Dimensions (mm)

H: 560

W: 510

D: 100

Weight 6 Kg
Minimum Gas Pressure 7.5 mbar (3" wg)
Maximum Gas Pressure 37 mbar (15" wg)
Inlet/Outlet Connection Male 3/4" BSP